"Lara has been an amazing math tutor to my two daughters! She is patient and kind and is an exceptional teacher. Both of my girls are excelling in math with straight A's due to Lara's tutoring for only one year. My kids actually love math now! I highly recommend her!" - Mother of elementary and middle school girls who needed some help with their online, homeschooling program. I have tutored them "live" and an online.


"My son was behind in math coming into Middle School, and he lacked the skills to get caught up. He worked with Mrs. White during his seventh grade year, and, not only did he gain the confidence he needed academically, but he also enjoyed his tutoring sessions. He liked Mrs. White's sense of humor and felt that she could really relate to him." - Parent of a middle schooler


"I liked working with Lara, because she's fun, but she made me work hard. She helped me study for my quizzes and helped keep me focused." -2nd grade student


"Lara was very flexible with us, adjusting to meet my kids' demanding training schedules. She maintained contact with my kids' teachers in Florida, administered all exams and quizzes, and kept homework planners updated, so I knew what they needed to do each day. She was extremely helpful to me!" - Mother of 2nd and 7th grade ice skaters who were in Colorado every other month to train.


Some notes from parents and students I have received over the years, with names blotted out for privacy:




If you would like to talk to some of my former students' parents, I have their permission to provide phone numbers or emails upon request.

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