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  • Math up through high school Algebra I and Geometry. 
  • Science up through high school Biology, Environmental Science, and Geology. 
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • English and grammar
  • History
  • Study skills
  • Organization
  • Note-taking strategies




I can tutor anywhere with a quiet space and a table big enough to seat two people side-by-side. I have tutored in the following places: 


  • Students' homes (if they are within a 20 minute drive from Fillmore/Union area)
  • My home
  • On-campus at a local private school, during students' free periods or after school
  • Cheyenne Mountain Library
  • East Library
  • Panera Bread
  • Starbucks
  • Parents' offices or conference rooms
  • The Ice Hall at the World Arena (between students' skating sessions)
  • From home with students anywhere in the world via Skype or Facetime, using an online, interactive whiteboard


Time Commitment & Pricing:


I have found 45 minutes to be the ideal amount of time for most students. A minimum of two sessions per week is recommended, but some students work with me only once a week and others five times per week. It's really up to you.


Sessions are $50. When I started tutoring in 2007 at a private school, this was the average rate for private tutors. I have never raised my prices in the years following. This fee covers not only my actual contact time with the student, but also the time I spend preparing for our meeting, the purchase or printing of materials used to teach, and commuting time and costs.


If a student is young or has a shorter attention span, 30 minutes may be a more appropriate amount of time. Middle or high school students might prefer a full hour or even a "double session" of 1.5 hours (especially in the summer). For shorter or longer sessions, the price is prorated accordingly.


You may try out my tutoring services with a risk-free, introductory session. You will not be charged for the session if you choose not to continue tutoring with me. Otherwise, the first meeting will be added to the first month's payments.


Parents are welcome to stay and observe any tutoring session.





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